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Project Organizer.

Project Management for Marketing and Creative Teams

Keep your creative projects under control and your team on track with Project Organizer

inMotion’s project management features integrate seamlessly with its online proofing and creative brief management tools, improving project visibility, tracking, and information sharing. With everything in one place, your team can spend less time managing projects and more time creating great work.

Project Workspaces
Personalized Project Workspaces

Team members can view all of their assigned projects alongside priority and status in their personalized Workspace, sort and filter their project view, and access project details and proofs in one click.

Project Dashboards
Shared Project Dashboards

Every project has a unique Project Dashboard where assigned team members can update tasks and milestones, track their time, and share notes and assets.

Project Folders
Organize with Project Folders

Group your proofs and creative briefs into projects and keep everything together – like having virtual folders for all of your work.

Project Templates
Kickoff with Project Templates

Unlimited, customizable project templates make it easy to set-up reoccurring projects – complete with team member, task, and deadline assignments – in seconds.

Collaborate with Team Members
Collaborate with Team Members

Team members assigned to a project can share tasks, milestones, deadlines, assets, status information, and other notes in a shared dashboard.

Task Reports
Get Visibility with Task Reports

With task reports, team members and managers can see the status of all tasks and milestones at a glance and who is responsible for accomplishing them.

Track Progress with the Taskometer

The Taskometer displays the percentage of tasks completed for each project to give you at-a-glance insight into your projects’ progress.

Calendar View
Calendar View of Work in Progress

Get visibility into the deadlines for your projects, tasks, and proofs laid out in a month-by-month view with the Deadline Calendar.

Time Tracking
Simple Time Tracking

Team members can easily record time spent on any task or project, creating a total project time report that allows you to more accurately calculate project profitability.

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